TELAL Plaza is a new mixed use development in the heart of Abha offering a vibrant new gathering Node for the city. The proposed site components accommodated retail, residential, office, hotel and serviced apartments. The public realm (designed as a series of interconnected spectacular gathering spaces) will unify the development and provide unique and vibrant spaces activated by retail and F&B providing much needed open space for the area .TELAL Plaza is a unique Public Green Open Space Amenity situated central within an urban context to conveniently serve a growing population of local residents, & culture life style. Outdoor recreational, facilities, cultural and heritage oriented amenities, and the unique urban “living room” at its heart will enhance, enrich, and elevate the quality of lives of those who seek its serene and inspired outdoor spaces and entertaining node.

Location: Jizan - KSA
Project completion: 2017 design phase
Site area: 17,000 m2
Market: retail
Service: urban, landscape,
architecture, interior design
Client: N/A