“KAY” means HOME, which encloses the individual users (kids, youth, teenagers and adults)“Each individual user has his own daily needs”. This stateme is reflected in the massing of the building where each mass corresponds to a certain function achieving the user daily needs. By gathering those users under one roof ‘Glowing Box’, the family members which represents the building visitors, can approach the building making memories enhancing the social life experience of the community. - Our intention is to create the architecture that will enhance the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape, rather than substituting it. A simple volume is recessed into the VYE Town-Community Center (SODIC KAY) Site creating vibrant spaces with all of its sides and levitates towards the VYE Community with one another, empowering the relationship between the interior and the exterior. The lines of the Golden Glowing parallelepiped contrast with the undulating greenery of the landscape and materials located at VYE. - We propose to fully integrate the public space provided by our proposal with the other public spaces belonging to VYE town center plot and NOVA Park. This project proposes to convert the plateau into a vital node and a pedestrian square connected with the rest of the VYE Community. - SODIC KAY profound Modular cuts transmuted the membrane in which these dynamic lines and cuts provide transparency, generating visual continuity through the building. Our team started looking for common denominators between the traditional architecture of Egypt and the new contemporary one, finding that the architecture and the culture are highly fastened by one another. As per the aforementioned, the project focuses on reviving the old market Street spirit ‘The Souq’ of Egypt creating a new horizon while respecting its history. The ground floor plan becomes a table that docks together with its neighbors to form a continuous floor plate while maintaining its autonomy. To retain this process, while strengthening its identity as a whole, the project is envisaged as a complex of public initiative with private investment “The rentable offices “ to produce a viable urban image emphasizing the continuous daily loop concept.

Location: GIZA-EGYPT
Project completion: 2020 design phase
Site area: 5000 m2
Market: Civic - competition
Service: Architecture
Client: N/A