The Montaza Park is considered to be one of the most unique heritage parks , reflecting a special era ( Modern Egypt ) at which is was developed initially, which in return emphasizes the importance of preserving the park; therefore a sustainable and clear vision of developing and preserving had to be provided. In order to ensure a bright future that reflects the beauty of the past . This vision is represented through several objectives: Historical aspect, functional and uniqueness. Having a unique heritage park with such high value and importance makes it more important to provide a solid public awareness to the site; and knowing the key points of issuing a sustainable Regional Park relaying on the international standards of parks, with reference to the international journal of scientific and technology research for example: Preserving the natural and historical landscape, having beach access, providing recreational experience, well connected and located within the city, located near major circulation routes, serves 100-300 vehicle, access to public transportation and bicycles, allowing both passive and active uses, hosting tournaments, concerts and festivals, aquatic centers, sports complexes and picnic areas.Therefore the vision is to achieve a regional park with all the before mentioned aspects

Location: Alexandria - EGYPT
Project completion: 2019 design phase
Site area: 1,554,000 m2
Market: cultural +retail
Service: planning, urban, landscape,
architecture, interior design
Client: Alexandria government