Omran Architects won the third prize in The New Administrative Capital competition.The New Administrative Capital is considered one of Egypt’s major development projects as it’s considered the key for the relocation of Cairo in its international context. The project acts as a bridge between the beauty of the past and the flourishing future.Under the theme of “ HUMANIZING THE DISTRICT SCALE ” , the urban flow is represented as a chain of pearls where the main spine represents the chain and the squares represent the pearls of this chain. The squares act as STORY TELLERS narrating the history of Egypt throughout different ages.The project is divided into two zones; The Governmental District and The Financial District connected by an urban historical corridor framing the everyday life of the governmental district. The district emphasizes the “TWISTING REALITY” concept where people should no longer fear the formality of the governmental buildings.

Location: Cairo - EGYPT
Project completion: 2019 design phase
Site area: 160,000 m2
Market: cultural + landscape
Service: planning, urban, landscape,
architecture, interior design
Client:New Administrative Capital co