Al jizan Mosque is an extravagant mosque design, located in one of the districts of Gizan , KSA. The Mosque with its strategic location will serve as a focal point of worship in the local community. The entrance of the Mosque is located on an axial line that leads to an entrance hall with ablution area on either side; a secondary hall precedes the entrance hall with two secondary entrances that lead to it. The prayer hall located at the end of the axis and accommodates up to 2000 worshipers. The positioning of the prayer hall furthest from the entrance allows a transition from the outside to the prayer area that allows a state of humbleness and humility to the worshipers entering the prayer hall. The mosque's contemporary design and the simplistic use of material with detailed Islamic patterns provide a distinct exterior of the Mosque Facade . The light concrete facade of the mosque is reflected on the polished granite surface allowing an elegance and splendor to the mosque.

Location: jizan - KSA
Project completion: 2017
Site area: 6000 m2
Market: cultural
Service: planning, urban, landscape,
architecture, interior design
Client: BEC