Capturing the splendid views of the garden, iL Seuño House is luxuriously designed with an elegant modern style expressing the owner’s personality. The pure white color of the house blends with the natural light tones of the landscape giving a magnificent scene from all the interior spaces. White delicate screens enliven bold facades and help to animate the experience between indoor and outdoor. A light horizontal platform gathers the living and dining spaces in the ground floor overlooking a large infinity pool surrounding a sunken lounge, followed by a sloped green carpet blending the different landscape levels. Three cantilevered private rooms create a dynamic massing achieving a harmonious balance between the opposing ideals of privacy and community. The self-shading massing gives the house the direction it needed both environmentally and aesthetically. The masses enclose an elevated court featuring a water element as a modern functional interpretation of a traditional 'Housh' with a water feature. The glazed internal walls afford panoramic views to the garden and pool while shaded from the scorching sun by cantilevered volumes. The staircase is an artistic highlight for the heart of the building featuring modern iconic colored sculptures. Natural daylight is introduced to the house by indoor courtyards, skylights and English courts lighting the basement.

Location: Doha-Qatar
Project completion: 2020 design phase
Site area: 2500 m2
Market: residential
Service: Architecture-landscape-interior design
Client: N/A