THE ICON is located nearby New Cairo extension. The location is surrounded by several residential compounds, educational and recreational facilities.The concept behind the site organization is to create a main circulation spine surrounded by residential buildings, that creates interaction nodes where the main recreational services are located.The project aims to create a self-sufficient compound that fulfills the resident’s needs, this is achieved through providing recreational services such as: retail store, kids playing area, jogging track and a relaxation area by the swimming pool. Facade Concept: A Modern schematic design is created using straight geometrical lines, where the structural elements play a huge role in the facade composition. Brick walls are used to add an aesthetic layer to the facade design and dark grey wall cladding are used to balance the facade and reach a modern composition.A distinctive color is used to differentiate the residential buildings from each other and ease the circulation for the residents and creating ICONS.

Location: CAIRO - EGYPT
Project completion: 2018 design phase
Site area: 28,500 m2
Market: residential+ landscape
Service: planning, urban, landscape,
architecture, interior design