OMRAN ARCHITECTS is proud to be one of the egyptian architecture firms that competed in the international competition of the science city in egypt. Around 346 projects from 45 Countries were submitted, omran project was selected to be part of the 142 projects which were exhibited at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, EG. Project concept brief: The icon of the proposal 'Papyrum de Scienta' Latin for 'Paper of Knowledge' reflects the richness of Egyptian civilization documented in scrolls of papyrus. The Papyrum de Scienta elevates from the past and captures new fields of knowledge, projecting into the future. This layer of knowledge covers the whole site interconnecting its two main parts; the positive and negative. The first part, the positive, is concerned with receiving and sending the recent science, enlightening the universe with the last discoveries. This can be seen in the research center. While the other, the negative, is concerned with exhibiting and displaying the reached achievements and discovered mysteries of science, seen in the exhibition building. With an additional layer of Egypt's nature and ecology, the proposed science city displays Egypt's richness as a land of contrast. It is reflected on the usage of its pulsing vein 'the Nile' as the stream of life in the science park, and augmenting the diverse ecological landscapes of Egypt. You can learn a lot about Egyptian different ecologies by taking a river ride from the energy plaza, going through different and varied ecologies, learning about Egypt from a science experience. Visitors tend to experience the Highlands, wadis (dried ancient riverbeds), splotches of vegetation, boards of cultivated land, black shimmering desert, white sculpted figures, golden beaches, rocky plateaus, urban and rural, all exist in a harmony of opposites heightening the intensity, giving brilliance, lucidity and richness. The last layer can be seen in the network that reflects the interconnectedness and livability of the city.

Location: Giza - Egypt
Project completion: 2016 design phase
Cost usd: n/a
Site area: 120,000 m2
Total built up area: 86,000
No of stories: avg 3
Building height: 20 m
Market: cultural + educational
Service: planning, urban, landscape, architecture, interior design
Client: bibliotheca Alexandrina.