The villas entrance is approached through a luxurious landscape , Alshar material is used on the elevation cladding where the elevation style is full of the finest architecture details. There is an approach through the living room which is got a view on the swimming pool. The Style of architecture is renaissance, reflecting the rebirth of Classical culture. There was a revival of ancient Roman forms, including the column and round arch, the tunnel vault, and the dome. The basic design element was the order. Knowledge of Classical architecture came from the ruins of ancient buildings and the writings of Vitruvius. As in the Classical period, proportion was the most important factor of beauty; Renaissance architects found a harmony between human proportions and buildings. This concern for proportion resulted in clear, easily comprehended space and mass.

Location: Al Khobar - ksa
Project completion: 2016 design phase
Cost usd:1,000 000
Site area: 920 sqm
Total built up area: 1200 sqm
No of stories: 3
Building height: 12 m
Market: housing
Service: planning, urban, landscape, architecture, interior design
Client: Dr Abdel Rahman