The city is composed of five neighborhoods, separated by the main axis, the officers housing is located on the south-east while the soldier's units located on the reaming neighborhoods. The Design concept developed from visualization of the project site as an oasis with in the desert, around which life flourish, and develops. The concept was based on creating an "urban valley "penetrating the site and, and acting as a primary datum organizing the project's various elements. A series of green streams has been branched from the green valley connecting the different clusters (of apartments & duplexes) of the heart of the project The planning concept was created with respect to the new urbanism principles such as walkability, connectivity, mixed use and diversity, quality of architecture and urban design, traditional neighborhood structure, increased density, transportation, and sustainability. The compound is designed to serve several facilities such as shops, club house, mosque, library, healthcare center, kinder garden, primary school, fire station, police post office, etc..

Location: Hafr al batn- Saudi Arabia
Project completion: 2016 design phase
Cost usd:750,000 000
Site area: 940,000 sqm
Total built up area: 753,000sqm
No of stories: 5
Building height: 15 m
Market: housing
Service: planning, urban, landscape, architecture, interior design
Client: bec co