Art Deco is the inspiration for this apartment building in Cairo. Located in the city's notable district, the building houses three apartments in each floor and a penthouse on the roof. The architectural design of the building is defined by Art Deco movement which signaled something of a return to the symmetry and simplicity of Neo-classism, but without its classical regularity. The design adorned a flat roof with parapet and a tower-like constructs to accentuate the corners and the entrance. Windows appear as punctured square openings, to maintain a streamlined appearance for the building creating a contrast of solid and void forms while admitting daylight. Doorway is surrounded with elaborate pilasters and pediments, and door surrounds are embellished with fluting decoration.

Location: Cairo - Egypt
Project completion: 2016 design phase
Cost usd: 5,000,000
Site area: 2600 m2
Total built up area: 6400
No of stories: B+G+2
Building height: 12 m
Market: Residential
Service: landscape, architecture, interior design
Client: Mr Atef Selim