A local competition located in Alexandria Egypt, the Saraya complex is set in the heart of an impoverished district in the aims to relinquish the cultural district, provide a greater housing opportunity, levitating the living standards and acting as central city landmark. The complex compromises a hotel, 3- Residential: apartments, commercial and retail section as well as clinic center. Designed with an inward focus around a central main plaza. The central plaza is lined with retail outlets, cafe's and urban walkways that is a car free zone. The hotel located on the curb avenue acts as a focal point of attraction on the main street, with the 3- Residential: units located above the mall plaza. The project elements were ingeniously integrated to allow the most efficient use of space and location that

Location: Alexandria - Egypt
Project completion: 2015 design phase
Cost usd: 15,000,000
Site area: 22,000 m2
Total built up area: 150,000
No. of stories: 2B+G+M+10
Building height: 35 m
Market: housing+ Retail + Office + Leisure
Service: planning, urban, landscape, architecture, interior design, execution drawings (BIM).
Client: Saraya Co.