The Dammam towers located on the Dammam bay is an extension of the Dammam Canal Landscape project. The Greek Residence offers exotic views of the Dammam Canal with high quality living standards. The towers serve as a symbol of refined elegance against the Dammam bay, complementing the Dammam urban landscape design. The 10 story building is composed of a ground floor, typical floors and a pent house level. Spacious apartment units are designed to maximize ambient light entering the space with luxurious units on the roof level accommodate a private swimming pool and large terrace that provide spectacular ocean views. A Minimalistic and Modern Design approach is used in the design, with the use of Simple Material and clean lines the towers represent an elegant structure on the Dammam coast.

Location: Dammam - KSA
Project completion: 2015 design phase
Cost usd: 13,000,000
Site area: 3600 m2
Total built up area: 21,000
No. of stories: G+4+PentHouse
Building height: 22 m
Market: housing
Service: landscape, architecture, interior design, execution drawings (BIM).
Client: Mr. Al Barak.