The Engineers club project was a major competition in Alexandria, Egypt in order to revitalize the Engineers club on the eastern coast of Alexandria. The modern and minimalistic approach of the building creates an aesthetically pleasing environment incorporating a large urban plaza, with the buildings orientation maximizing oceanic view of the coast. The building s green efficiency is the project highlight, using energy efficient materials with shaded overhangs and a Glass and concrete Facade allowing for maximizing daylight into the space, decreasing the buildings overall energy consumption during the day and allowing for (greater visual transparency) transparent views of the sea. The clubs polished interior settings with the use of elegant and refined materials provide a polished finish with a bright and cheerful color scheme that enhances the visitors comfort levels within the space.

Location: Alexandria - Egypt
Project completion: 2012 design phase
Cost usd: 2,000,000 USD
Site area: 5600 m2
Total built up area: N/A
No of stories: B+G+M
Building height: 15 m
Market: Leisure+ Cultural
Service: landscape, architecture, interior design, execution drawings (bim).
Client: Engineering syndicate.