The concept of land use distribution depended primarily on finding a unique character of each cluster and architectural style, as we tend to find a public building that acts as a key of reference for each cluster. A connection was created between the elements of the project by a green corridor with water streams and forests of dense greenery to accommodate the main pedestrian movement along the axis of the urban setting uninterrupted by vehicular movement. Besides providing a semi complete separation between pedestrian and vehicular movements, users also move between nodes of attraction that work on emphasizing the vitality of the main pedestrian spine.

Location: Cairo - Egypt
Project completion: 2009
Cost USD: 60,000,000
Site area: 1,301,525 m2
Total built up area: 237,800 m2
No of stories: Average 18 m
Building height: 50 m
Market: Housing, Commercial
Service: Planning, Urban, architecture, landscape, execution drawings (BIM).
Client: Peijeing Emirates Contracting.