Located in Cordoba district, Riyadh, K.S.A. the residential compound comprises a wide range of apartment types providing a variety of options for the residents escaping the hectic life of the city. Landscape design was carefully and thoroughly detailed to create a unique experiment of living within an oasis of greenery in such a hot arid region like Riyadh. Apartments' interiors were studied with two opposite possibilities - modern and classic - to provide flexibility that helps the residents choose their preferred option.

Location: Riyadh - KSA
Project completion: 2014 design phase
Cost usd: 120,000,000
Site area: 108,000 m2
Total built up area: N/A
No of stories: N/A
Building height: Average 10 M
Market: housing
Service: Urban, landscape, architecture, interior design, execution drawings (BIM).
Client: Mr.M.Saad Al Bawardy