This Resort acts as an extension to the Markyah's existing resort located along the north coast in Alexandria-Egypt, enhancing the Southern part by placing attraction points and activities. The project includes different accommodation categories such as motels, chalets, villas and low-rise buildings. The site is designed in an organic manner with a central core consisting of the projects main landscape features with pedestrian link connecting the site elements. The villa units are carefully oriented to allow the maximum amount of daylight whilst allowing for shade from harsh southern sun setting.

Location: North Coast - Egypt
Project completion: 2007
Cost USD: 10,000,000
Site area: 179,200 m2
Total built up area: N/A
No of stories: Average 2 Stories
Building height: 10 m
Market: Housing
Service: Planning, Urban, architecture, landscape, interior design, execution drawings (BIM).
Client: Touristic Villages Organization