omran is an architectural
        company of professionals and experts in the middle -east. It is prime goal is developing
        urban living environments that enhance and enrich the people’s lives.
        On 13 of June 1977 OMRAN unleashed its office in Alexandria Egypt, founded by Prof. Dr.
        Mustafa M. Gabr. He is vision was to create innovative, luxurious, comfortable and
        sustainable architectural solutions that enrich people’s life and experience. Since then,
        over than 200 partners, different professional disciplines, architects, interior designers
        and developers have co-worked, co-developed and co-built in the creation of OMRAN
        Architects. OMRAN is an interdisciplinary, excellence and innovation-based company. Founded
        on the belief that architecture has a powerful impact on enriching people’s life, as well as
        having massive influences in enhancing and improving the world we live in.
        Based in Egypt, with an additional offices in the Middle East, OMRAN is targeted to enlarge
        its business on the hands of our creative, innovative and dedicated future architects.
        Throughout the journey of OMRAN architects, the professionals of the company gained a wide
        range of backgrounds and experience in urban design/planning, architecture, landscape
        architecture, Interior design, and many other areas of expertise.
        OMRAN Architects  is founded on the belief that buildings transform the life of people and
        communities. It believes that the quality of our surrounding has a direct influence on the
        quality of our lives. OMRAN’s core philosophy lies in using simplicity as the essence of
        good design, while achieving a high level of functionality and efficiency. Though following
        such approach, OMRAN creates the desired atmosphere for the users to enjoy their experience
        inside the building. It comes in the best possible economic, social, environmental valuable
        solutions. At the intersection of simplicity and technology comes the innovative design
        recasting OMRAN’s philosophy into a more groundbreaking and creative principles. In
        addition, OMRAN promises to apply an interdisciplinary design methodology that erodes
        boundaries between different design disciplines pioneered by its parties. In the
        appreciation of our clients’ visons, their needs become our targets. We collaborate with our
        clients in every level during the design process to serve their goals. Our client’s vision
        guided with our experiences comes in an outstanding result. OMRAN is dedicated to change the
        life of people by its design. Our deeply rooted concern is answering the society needs
        through our buildings while maintaining a balanced sustainable use of resources, providing
        the opportunity for a better life with economic growth and development.

        OMRAN Architects  In the next future years, intended to be the number one leading company in
        the region. An outstanding dedication to clients, we take leadership to a new level by
        promoting professionalism, balanced design, technical capabilities, applied technology and
        quality in service. Our duty is to achieve a better-built environment, preserving specific
        social values in a modern context. OMRAN plans further to enlarge researcher and development
        department, believing that science, research and analysis improve our practice in
        architecture. Our vision is dedicated further to create tomorrow’s generations of architects
        and engineers to continue the progress and advancements of our company.
        OMRAN Architects mission is to build aesthetically valuable and inspiring architecture that
        enrich the lives of people and create better world to live in. OMRAN aims to be one the
        leading companies in the middle-east that values the life of people through the creation of
        the space. OMRAN design approach is welling to be in full harmony with history, culture, and
        in full integration with natural environment through the use of current-technological
        provisions. Our higher mission is participate in shaping the future of the world by creating
        a safe sustainable livable communities by our architecture.

        OMRAN Architects expertise lay in the hiring of talented, architects, outstanding experts and
        passionate partners. We encourage our people to bring out their marvels and valuable ideas.
        We encourage our architects and engineers to work together combining their knowledge from
        different disciplines practicing architecture at a high level of quality. OMRAN strives to
        provide reliable and professional services with the possible highest level of quality.
        Through development and implementation of management system, we provide an adequate working
        environment that enhances our employees and improves their productivity, inspiration and
        accuracy. Excellence and Innovation are the core values in our work that we always deliver.

        omran offers progressive architectural and engineering – from concept design through to
        detailed design and construction plans. It also provides post-contract onsite supervision.

        omran's portfolio is rich by world class projects from commercial, residential, retail and
        mixed-use projects to hospitality, leisure, sports, healthcare, education and urban planning
        even landscape and interior design. Its simplistic approach to design and construction helps
        deliver successful and on-time completion – reliably and efficiently.