BINA engineering , is the extend office of OMRAN in Saudi Arabia. It is the node of OMRAN’s design in
        the Arabian gulf, The Arabian Peninsula, Qatar, Arab Emirates, the Middle eastern countries and
        north Africa.
        BINA OMRAN is one of BINA Holding for Industrial Investment’s group. It is a group of five
        specialized companies, covering different disciplines in industry leading by its ceo mr ahmed al
        oseimy. a sister company of bwan holding

      With an outstanding group of professionals and experts from all over the world with different
        nationalities and cultures, BINA OMRAN creates innovative buildings and develops urban living
        environments. We design building that enriches the life of people in the Arab world, North Africa as
        well. Therefore, we create our buildings and urban environments with a clear understanding and in
        complete harmony with each area’s culture, history and community, respecting their physical,
        cultural and biological aspects.

      Believing in the effect of buildings and urban environments on the people’s life, BINA OMRAN designs
        with a cored philosophy enriched by the use of simplicity as the essence of design. With a
        well-designed simple buildings and spaces, we can create luxurious, simple and yet highly efficient
      Being part of BINA Holding company provides our design with all the technological provisions that
        accelerate the process of construction, enhance it and increase its quality. BINA OMRAN’s number one
        targeted mission is to create aesthetically valuable and inspiring spaces enriching people’s life
        for creating a better world.
        Expanding our office to cover all other four continents is BINA’s determined aim. For this aim, BINA
        OMRAN prepares, educates and trains future architects to continue the progression and expansion on a
        solid, stabled and authentic steps.