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Omran's First Green Building


Dar Al Youm, the first BREAM accredited office building in the eastern province K.S.A is the iconic landmark of Al-Khobar City. Located in Al Khobar, K.S.A Dar Al youm office building is an iconic landmark of the robust city. The 28 stories high tower is the first BREAM accredited building in the eastern province. The design was strongly influenced by two major inspirations. First the wealth of the Islamic and Arab culture in the region. Second the design forward design approaches to designing efficient office buildings. The result is the fusion of the past and the future, creating a landmark that is both modern and yet still rooted in rich heritage.

The integrated design process adopted in the initial design phases guaranteed a cohesive approach to design that integrated maximum optimization of the built up area, effective indoor environment as well as a unique multifaceted form. The tower is now setting a new standard for tower design in the region