Who We are

oBIM is a building information modeling company. We use BIM advanced techniques and technologies in its highest qualities in our design, facilitating project collaboration and management, increasing the level of details and accuracy and accelerating the design process. Our philosophy lies in the essence BIM technology provides to us. With its advanced provisions, the created buildings are well defined and designed from conceptual phase to construction phase, supporting decision-making processes throughout the whole design process. We apply our services on a wide range of projects from 3d models to BIM implementation and construction documents. Our services are high quality guaranteed and cost competitive. With the use of BIM outstanding potentials, we support our clients with a better way to build their designs virtually to solve unexpected construction problems, finding the best design solutions saving costs and time. By being BIM pioneers in Egypt, we are expanding our services to cover regional and international areas, willing to be number one BIM Company on a global scale. With an additional office in Saudi Arabia, we can work with you in person or remotely from any part of the world. We support you with professional BIM specialists and engineers, working in an ethical and balanced manner to create your own designs in BIM and deliver it in its highest qualities.

What we do

BIM Services:

BIM services are essential in nowadays architectural and engineering sectors. With its wide range of advanced provisions, projects are well studied across different phases of design from conceptual phase to construction and operation phases. BIM allows us to create buildings in virtual environment simulating its actual existence in accurate and detailed state. With a group of innovative professionals and BIM specialists, we deliver all BIM services, they include and not limited to:

  • BIM design validation.
  • 3D Modeling (Architectural - Structural - MEP)
  • MEP services coordination arrangement.
  • 4D Construction simulations.
  • Shop drawing extraction out of BIM models
  • Pre tender model.
  • Full coordinated models
  • Quantity survey
  • BIM implementation, standardization and training