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architects team:

OMRAN Architects is an architectural company of professionals and experts known as talented, creative, innovative professionals, excellence seekers with great ambitious and potentials. OMRAN success is a result of those people’s devotion and dedication. We believe in the importance of our clients’ visions and targets. Therefore, through a strategic design processes made by our entire team and their different level creativity, knowledge and experience, we turn them into reality.


Rania Abdel Galil

Ahmed Ismaael

Heba Hassan

Mohamed Gabr

Mohamed Raafat

Medhat Ayman

Mohmaed Sultan

Mohamed Abaza

Mohamed Gohar

Assem Mounir

Mohamed Nabil

Ahmed Kamal

Ahmed Abdallah

Amira Ragab

Sarah Wael

Aya Fathalah

Heba Amin

Menna Mounir

Ahmed Ibrahim

Alvin Martin

Israa Maghraby

Walid Abaza

Ingy Elgibaly

Rana Sameh

Ahmed Nasr

Ramy Abed

Khaled Amr

Mona A. Fareed