A landscape project designed to create a monumental plaza in the city of Aswan along the Nile River coast .the central plaza is extended along a radial axis ,strongly emphasizing direction and movement , with a large monumental structure located so to further enforce the axial movement and mark as an entrance point to the plaza. The plaza is designed to act as a focal point for visitors combining a range of social spaces. The lateral design of the landscape creates a focal point of the plaza that is lined with cafe's, shops and landscape terraces. The Simple use of landscape materials clean lines and green areas combined with linear span of the plaza define the sculptural element of the site.

Location: Aswan- Egypt
Project completion: 2015 design phase
Cost usd: 300,000
Site area: 6,000 m2
Market: Landscape
Service: planning, urban, landscape, execution drawings (bim).
Client: Aswan Government.