The Mountain Park Project is a major revitalizing urban project, located in Dammam,KSA. The Corniche will serve as a symbolic element of the city of Al-Khobar reigniting the public outdoor life activities along the north coast. Spanning an area of nearly 2,000,000 m2, The Mountain Park Project will act as a social Nexus and a cultural and touristic spot that a variety of activities from playgrounds to skating rings pathways and natural landscapes. Along with these outdoor activities a range of retail outlets, cafes and restaurants are located on the urban waterfront to accommodate visitors and passersby's. The Park's vast area offers an extensive range and variety of different landscapes, activities, facilities and building complexes. Designed around a main axis spine that leads to the several zoned structures of the park. The Park zones includes playground areas, Water Park, youth and sport facilities, conference and exhibition halls, and Cafeteria and relaxation spots.

Location: Dammam - KSA
Project completion: 2014 design phase
Cost usd: 150,000,000
Site area: 1,800,000 m2
Market: housing
Service: planning, urban, landscape, architecture, interior design, execution drawings (BIM).
Client: Amanat Al Jouf