A cultural center located in Al-Khobar KSA, the King Abdallah center acts as a cultural hub hosting a variety of activities. The cultural Center constitutes an entrance plaza that leads to lecture halls, workshop and storage areas, a multipurpose hall and a sport complex. The project element are designed on one level shaping the form of the building, taking in consideration a no. of Site and environmental factors. The building exterior is designed based on vernacular architecture with the use of local and simple materials. The exterior design of the buildings simulating the traditional Architectural character of El Goof City and this is to confirm the idea of originality and tradition and to add historical value. The identity of the place made it a unique Building that can't be erased from memory.

Location: Sakakah - KSA
Project completion: 2011 design phase
Cost usd: 25,000,000
Site area: 16056m2
Total built up area: 21,000
No of stories: 2B+G+M+3
Building height: Average 16 m
Market: Office
Service: architecture, landscape, interior design, execution drawings (BIM).
Client: Municipality of El Goof City.