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Port Said - Egypt



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The university is located at the center of campus, two subtle building masses; one dedicated to building administration major and an inclusive engineering major building are located are tied together by a new sustainable landscape inspired by the agrarian past, the buildings provide a home for multiple departments and house a total of 24 new high technology classroom facilities, ranging from a 30 seat lecture hall to small seminar rooms. The vision is to create an open and inspiring learning environment that encourages interaction between students and staff - across disciplines. We have strongly emphasized that new educational building should have a gentle, but strong visual connection to the neighboring environment. By giving the new building a clean geometry and uniform surfaces, we have created clear references to the coastal city in which the universities are located. A central atrium, double-height and open study areas create a building with good visual connections between floors. Classrooms and lecture halls are located on the lower three floors while the drawing studios are located on the top floor. In this way, students from all study programs will be mixed, laying the foundation for good social relations across fields of study. The administrative offices are at the top of the building, where it is possible to create a more private working environment.

Location: Port Said - Egypt
Project completion: 2016 design phase
Cost usd: 5,000,000
Site area: 2400 m2
Total built up area: 6400
No of stories: G+3
Building height: 16 m
Market: Educational
Service: landscape, architecture, interior design
Client: Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport