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Al Ehsa Mall

Ehsa - KSA



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Al- Ahsa Mall is an urban retail development, located in al ehsa KSA. The mall is part of al-ahsaa complex that compromises a hotel and residential buildings. The three story mall structure will serve as a local shopping center for residence of the area. The fluid architectural design of the mall and the buildings curvature provide a dynamic flow creating an inward focus on the mall plaza that serves as an urban platform for the ahsaa complex.

Location: Ehsa - KSA
Project completion: 2014 design phase
Cost usd: 150,000,000
Site area: 60,500 m2
Total built up area: 40,000
No of stories: G+2
Building height:10 m
Market: retail + office + housing
Service: landscape, architecture, interior design, execution drawings (bim).
Client: muhaidab co.