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Omran designs King Fahd Central Park in Dammam

Omran is designing a new sustainable proposal for King Fahd central park in Dammam

The City of Dammam At Saudi Arabia has selected Omran landscape architects to redesign the king Fahd Central park Located between Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar, turning the area into one of the cityís most important entertaining educational spaces. The park measures approximately 21 hectares. The theme park will be made up of seven components: Entertainment, Landscape, Education, Sports, Outdoor Activities, HealthCare, Exhibitions, andCommercialServices.The restored Central Park will involve detailed proposals for Play facilities throughout its area and will includedetails of the circulation routes for walkers, joggers, cyclists and those visitors riding on the proposed road train. Native and adapted plant species will be selected to frame corridors, produce fragrance, provide extra shade, and create intimacy.